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  Introduction to Diaperbook.com

Diaperbook was created by a French AB/DL.

This new community website is based on the success of the original Diaperworld.org. Visitors will find here all the information from Diaperworld.org with the biggest diaper encyclopedia on the web but plenty more: forum, interest groups, pictures and a knowledge database to learn more about ourself thanks to the experience of others.

There is nothing wrong about infantilism. AB/DL are just like you and me. They can be your friend or someone from your family. If you don't know anything about AB/DL or infantilism, please refer to the Wikipedia article.
Please, be open minded or leave the site now.

This website needed 4 month of development on my scarce spare time. So please, excuse me if some bugs are remaining.
For any information: webmaster[at]diaperbook.com

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